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Wireless technology for intelligent building automation

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About IQRF Smart House

A wireless technology for an intelligent building automation

IQRF Smart House from MICRORISC is a technology for manufacturers of home automation systems, appliances and electronic products, extremely simplifying the development of wireless home and building automation components. The technology is managed by IQRF Alliance providing its continuing development, Alliance member’s support and interoperability of compatible devices. The Alliance helps manufacturers to focus on their specialty without wasting valuable time on reinventing an RF solution.

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IQRF Smart House technology actually consists of two key elements – lightweight DPA protocol and a proven and reliable IQRF technology (Smart transceivers).

Extremely low power, tiny dimensions and low-cost IQRF transceiver modules predetermine their use in small, battery operated devices. Unlike the common star wireless network topology, the IQMESH protocol supporting mesh network brings wireless communication reliability and virtually unlimited network size to home and building automation at no additional development costs.